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New Acquisition – Burson Brings History Home to Centralia

by Tim Motley

The museum has a new acquisition from Charles Burson, a Centralia High School Class of 1967 graduate.  Mr. Burson built a 1/32 scale model of a train.  The train is enclosed in a display case and is equipped with a multimedia display.  The train is a wood-fired All American 440, the same model that carried […]

37th Prairie Queen Quilt Show

by Tim Motley

The 37th Prairie Queen Quilt Show will be held at the Centralia Museum Sunday, October 1, through Sunday, November 5, 2017. Your generosity in sharing your treasured quilts, wall hangings, table covers, and pillows is greatly appreciated.  Quilted items of all designs are requested to make a successful display.  Needlework items such as crochet work, […]