The annual meeting of Centralia Historical Society was held April 15th, 2014 at the Museum at 7 p.m. with Dorothy Thompson giving the invocation.

Marjorie Motley, Director of Museum, introduced Jack Chance who profiled the Centralia Battlefield.  A PowerPoint presentation was shown with Chris Edwards telling about the upcoming reenactment of the Battle to be held September 13-14, 2014 at the Battlefield Site.  Chance expects 5000 spectators and 500+ reenacting the battle.

Kelly Dickerson, President of the Society, introduced Ann Seider who told about a new award being sponsored by Centralia Historical Society.  Seider named the first recipient of the “Mr. A.B. Chance “INVENTIVE THINKING” Award – Jeremy Rish – 2014.  Motley presented Rish with a framed certificate and a WINNER Medal.  The award plaque will be displayed at the Museum with names of Rish and future winners, chosen from grades 3-8 in the Centralia School District.

Business session was conducted by Dickerson honoring past directors who had fulfilled their terms, and presenting certificates.

Motley highlighted the past year noting themes and activities held.  1187 visitors were recorded in 2015 with the Quilt Show “We’re on Pins and Needles”, held in October.

The theme for 2014 will be “Looking Back to Yesterday, we Rose to the Occasion,” celebrating 40 years as the Centralia Museum.  Displays were all Ruby Red and a 40th Anniversary cake and punch was served to 30 guests.

You are encouraged to join the Society and enjoy the special events held at your Museum, open Sundays and Wednesdays, 2-4 p.m., beginning May 4th, 2014.  The Chance Gardens and Rose Garden are open daily.  Museum and gardens are all Centralia treasures.

Also, make plans to attend the Centralia Battle reenactments held in September.

Photos from Meeting

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