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AB’s Room

by Marje Motley

This room is where AB Chance did his dreaming and inventing.  It shows a disciplined organization with cabinets and drawers numbered, giving location in alphabetical order.  Bins can be removed and taken to work bench or tilted out to retrieve contents.  During the depression, factory people could work here if they had bills and there […]

Centennial Women Photo (1957)

by Tim Motley

Here is a photo of a group of women from Centralia’s 1957 Centennial celebration.  Does anyone know any of these women?  Does anyone know who or what group they were affiliated with?

Vintage Kitchen

by Marje Motley

(Originally garage) used as living quarters for managers when Museum was guest house before 1974.  Items in kitchen (used to reflect early 1900’s) include wood stove, ice box, hand pump, oil lamps cupboards, and many cooking utensils. Note…’ant traps’ under legs of table and ‘kitchen spider’ (1899).  Large loom is operable and was given by […]

Farmer’s Tools

by Marje Motley

This room includes farm tools from the mid 1800’s, such as carpenters tool box, barb wire samples, grain cradle and ice saw.  Also included: a camera collection on shelving along with Railroad items from old depot-lanterns, flares and one brick and handle.  In an adjoining room, there’s a typewriter collection, stump puller, double tree, hornets […]

Rose Garden

by Marje Motley

A 1995 addition, the Rose Garden, sits adjacent to the Museum.  Its design compliments the architecture of the 1904 Queen Anne Victorian style house.  From May to November the Rose Garden is ablaze with the blooms of 400+ different varieties of Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses.

Chance Gardens

by Marje Motley

I am…..just one who enjoys and appreciates the geological wonders of our grand old state of Missouri and gains pleasure and happiness in their display in the assembly of our garden, that the ones passing this way may stop, rest, reflect and enjoy. Chance Gardens, a horticultural attraction built in 1936 by Albert Bishop Chance, […]

Chance Gardens – A Floral Wonderland

by Marje Motley

Chance Gardens, a horticultural attraction built in 1936 by Albert Bishop Chance, is an expression of his gratitude to the community for it’s support of the Chance Co. through the years.  In 1927, Mr. and Mrs. Chance took a world tour.  He was so inspired by the gardens he saw that upon his return he […]

Three Graces Statue

by Marje Motley

The Three Graces marble statuary is one example of items belonging to the Chance family.  It is a replica of a statue the Chances saw in Europe and they had it made especially to sit in the space under the front stair case.


by Marje Motley

The complete Silver Tea Service on buffet in dining room was given to the museum in honor of Lucy Morris.  Various silver serving pieces in the breakfront are from the estate of Annabelle Howard and include a spoon warmer and divided egg server as two more unusual items.  Also, please note the bone marrow spoon.  […]